Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you to all who help in Ohio

Have all the people who voted for Obama stopped partying? You bet they have, unless they've just been tapped to be in his cabinet. There is a tough
row to hoe, a huge and defiantly difficult weight on Obama's shoulders now to repair the U.S. Economy. I hope we all help him help us.

I want to give a big shoutout to three people especially, whom I have known for a long time. They went to Ohio, one to Cleveland, one to the counties west of Cincinnati, and one who lives in Ohio went to at least two counties to there to canvass and provide information for Barack Obama.
Of course, there were hundreds more who canvassed for Obama, but these three people surely went beyond the call of duty.

The first is a lifelong friend of my mother, and is 57 years old. Her name is Nancy Bick Clark, from Newport, KY. She put doorknob hangers and also
mailbox fliers in mailboxes and phoned for Obama at the behest of
Sheetal, an Indian-American woman who hails from Chicago, but had come to live in Cincy to help the Obama campaign. Nancy is a Celtic harp player and singer. Her songs entertained me so much in my early years.

Under the brilliant maple tree leaves, Nancy drove, placed fliers in Batavia, Ohio. Later she worked in other rural counties. Once, a roadside mailbox fell from its moorings into a ditch. Nancy bravely saved it, fetched it back, and got it righted, and put in a flier, a small handbill or brochure. Here is an excerpt from her memoir about her experience.

On Sunday, I made phone calls for the Clermont County Dems, who seemed to have a slightly different operation on the other side of the wall. I observed two men in their late sixties returning from canvassing. What was unusual was that these volunteers drove up for the day from Lexington, KY, about 120 miles from Batavia. They could have been professors at UK. The coordinator of Obama's office was a woman in her 20's who had come from Seattle to help out. We learned that Obama aimed to get out every possible vote in Ohio, whether in rural, suburban, or urban areas.

Here is her website: Go Nancy!!

We have another friend, Fernando Laguarda, who worked with my father
for 9 years. He is a lawyer, the nice kind of lawyer, the one you want to adopt. He went to Cuyahoga County where Cleveland lies. Fernando whose family came to the US many years ago from Uruguay, and he went to Harvard, and went to work at the same law firm. He is an outstanding lawyer. He is a compassionate person. He went to Ohio at his own cost
to help people at the polls, especially those who might not understand
their rights and if they needed help, as they might have been Spanish speaking people. Fernando helped out at polls on a chilly day, from
before they opened to the close. He is insanely good. Go Fernando!!
You did a wonderful job. By the way, he started the NNEDV, the
National Network to End Domestic Violence. Please go to this
website to find out about that group.
Or you can just click on this website:
to empower those who've been hurt. It is to fund services provided by
the NNEDV. Gracias, Fernando!

The last person who canvassed in Ohio is Dr. Patricia Edwards, of
Ashland University. Even with a bad knee, she climbed stairs and talked
to people and wore her Obama shirt, and generally helped the campaign every single moment of weekends in September and October that she could manage. Though Dr. Edwards teaches full time at Ashland, in their Dwight Schar School of Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction,
she is one serious Democrat.
Even though I have autism, she speaks directly to me,not to others when I am around. I have recent proof of her goodness and humor, as she treated me and my mother to a fine seafood dinner this past Friday. Yes, it sure was celebratory. What a woman!! If I weren't too young and autistic, I'd be
pursuing her to marry me. Okay, I might pursue her anyway. She's one fine and brilliant professor and conversationalist. I will speak to her
students a week from today, at Ashland University. Lucky me!

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