Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living with the other Pundit Brother

Hotel and Marina Jacuzzi

I've been living with my brother Brendan, the other Pundit Brother, for four weeks and one day. Okay, he was in New York for 4 days, to connect with friends there and see some theatre. But lets say I've had him mostly
to myself for 25 days. Some days he has been very laid back, some days tense. Some days I was great, some days not. On Christmas day, I was feeling punk, and he was feeling energetic. But most of the time, we got along great. We'd watch DVD's together, go in the jacuzzi, watch TV shows,
and go to our grandmother's place and laze around. We were spoiled together, too.

Like other times, we went out to dinner. I'd have calimari, he'd have pasta. I'd have a burger, he'd have chicken. I'd have ham, he'd have vegetables.
I'd have shrimp, Brendan would have a steak.

I am missing him now. We had way too much fun together, especially when our dad went to Indianapolis to a small Princeton reunion. Sean and Brendan were together all weekend.

I start back to Journalism classes tomorrow. He starts back tomorrow, too.

He's at University of Miami Conservatory of Theatre. I'm taking journalism classes to keep up with what I want to do: be an online journalist.

That's my story of living with Brendan. For four weeks.
Plans are made already to go stalk him next month.

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