Monday, September 8, 2008

Politically Inclined Brothers Post Punditry anti-Palin

Sarah Palin:

I am trying to only write about Sarah Palin. I'm opinionated. I think people need to know things about her time as Governor of Alaska. There was a huge investigation to determine if Palin had "abused her influence" as governor in her attempt to force the Alaska State Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, to fire her ex brother-in-law, Mike Wooten. Palin's sister had been married to Wooten, and their divorce was "bitter." Sarah Palin dismissed (read: fired)
Walt Monegan. This was "Troopergate." She should not have used any gubernatorial "power" to get rid of Wooten.

You have to reasonably tell people what you expect when they are first hired. They
need to know they are not going to be fired right away. I have to say she talks well, but she not always do what she really says she will do. If she is elected (VEEP?) she will not have had the experience to take over, to be president, if McCain dies,or is disabled.
SUBPOENAS are now arriving regarding this investigation, a Probe into Palin's
Abuse of Power.,8599,1839287,00.html

Below see a photo of Politically Inclined Brothers, pundits on most anti-Palin topics.
ShoutOut: Thank you Palin, for helping the campaign of Barack Obama by dismissing
Walt Monegan.

Read the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, re: what happens if a President dies, is disabled, or resigns. The Vice-President takes over. When Ronald Reagan was shot in
1981, his VP George H.W. Bush, took over his duties for several days.

Beware a Vice-President being a "heartbeat" away from assuming presidential duties.
See below:

Me with Pundit Brother Brendan, New Years' Eve, 2007.

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